Passion Blog Topic

I am excited to say that I have decided on the topic for my passion blog, which will be Natural Health.  This is a passion that has developed over the past year, and I love learning about it.  This is a very broad topic that can cover a wide range of subjects from diet to excerise to lifestyles to even medicine.  I am excited to post about this and delve even deeper to my interest. Get ready to learn!


3 thoughts on “Passion Blog Topic

  1. Kaitlyn,I think Natural Health is a great topic to blog about, especially this day in age. It will give readers suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle, which is also very helpful. I am excited to read your blog and hopefully I can gain some tips on how to improve my health.

  2. I like the natural health idea. Personally, I am trying to live a more healthier life along with many of my friends. This idea is applicable and helpful. Plus, there's never a lack for new topics! I hope to learn some new things from your blog.

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