This I Believe Ideas

Some of the ideas that I have for the “This I Believe” essay are:

  • I believe in Disney Princesses
  • I believe in Carpe Diem
  • I believe in Mistakes
  • I believe in Second Chances
  • I believe in A Clean Slate
  • I believe in Karma
  • I believe in Smiles

3 thoughts on “This I Believe Ideas

  1. I think that the idea that I am most leaning towards is I believe in Disney Princesses. I am drawn to this topic because it was a large part of my childhood, and I am passionate about how I have become a strong woman. My goal is to change people's minds and perspectives of the princesses that they are only helpless women. The only hesitation I have about this subject is I do not want it to be boring and commonplace. I didn't like the example we read about Barbies very much and want to avoid a style like that. I like this idea but I am still unsure. Thanks for any input you have!

  2. I like all of your ideas, but the ones that most stick out to me are Carpe Diem, Second Chances, and Karma. I think you could do a great essay on Carpe Diem because it is such a well-known quote and a very wise motto. An essay on seizing the day could be very powerful. I also like Karma because the idea of "what goes around, comes around" is very applicable in life. If you have a concrete example of Karma from past experience, it could be a great essay.Good luck on picking a topic and I'm looking forward to hearing your speech.

  3. I LOVE the idea of the Disney Princess theme. I am not ashamed to admit that my dorm decor is princess related. (: I think that it would be a good idea to show the evolution of the princesses- how a seemingly helpless Cinderella turned into more powerful characters such as Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel. Each princess has their own personality and positive trait. Instead of grouping them altogether as a whole, focus on each one's own strengths and how it is an attribute of a strong woman. I also think it would be a nice attribute to your writing to include some key quotes and phrases from the movies. (Jasmine has some strong quotes.) Best of luck!

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