Help Me Be Healthy!

Good health is more valuable than all the money in the world. Yet, organic products that contribute to good health are usually much more expensive than the cheap, toxic products that are so easily available. Pure, organic food, items are sometimes out of reach for the budget-conscious college student and we have to resort to using whatever we can buy at McLanahan’s.  I would like to give some suggestions/ ideas on how to adjust your life with little changes that will make a difference and are convenient for us especially with our busy schedules. 

1. Try and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible. 
Not everyone is able or ready to grow their own food but it is still important to consider finding a source of fresh produce that can last. For example there is a farmer’s market downtown during the fall that has an abundant amount of fresh produce and that is very convenient.  Also during the winter months, make sure that you grab a piece of fresh fruit on the way out of the dining halls.  Many people do not know that they can have a carry out piece of fruit with each meal and this is a great way to get the daily serving of fruit you need.  For other people with green thumbs, they can join a community garden (there is one on our campus!)
2.   Pack a lunch and take it with you to class
            So what if you feel like a dork? Grow up already. Prepare your own lunch and take it with you. You’ll be less tempted by cafeteria and fast food. You can also keep leftovers for a snack or another meal later.
What, you have a food card? Awesome. Save your food credit for days when you’re in a hurry (have tests or a hot lunch date). That way you can afford healthier food rather than eat the cheap stuff.
If you think you cannot spend the money for quality, organic foods, add up all your eating out expenses and the chips and dips and other processed yummy food and snack expenditures. Processed foods have unhealthy additives that make you eat more. That can add up to an expensive addiction.  
Here is a little video I would like everyone to watch to get you excited about eating fruits and vegtables.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Help Me Be Healthy!

  1. Haha, funniest part: 'or when you have a hot lunch date.' I totally agree with what you said in your blog! I try to save money to buy healthier, fresher foods that make me feel better during the day and help me work out.

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