Analytical Communications

Here I have posted samples of oral, written, visual, and digital communication from my technical writing courses.  The two very intensive writing courses I have taken at Penn State are Technical Writing and Rhetoric and Civic Life.

Technical Writing is a course specifically designed for students who are preparing for careers in the sciences and applied sciences.  This class helped me cultivate the discourse practices I will need to write successfully in the workplace.  The first piece of writing displayed on this page represents a technical description that I wrote for this course and the second piece of work displayed represents a instruction set.

As a Schreyer Honors College Scholar, I was also given the opportunity to participate in a specially designed Liberal Arts course the spring semester of my freshman year titled “Rhetoric and Civic Life.  This class united the various projects we created under the flexible art of rhetoric.  Throughout the course, we used rhetoric to both strengthen our communication skills and sharpen our awareness of the challenges and advantages presented by oral, written, visual, and digital modes. Over the semester, I learned how to incorporate rhetoric into my academics and because of this have greatly enhanced my analytical communication skills.  The final piece included on this page is a persuasive speech I presented during this course.

Technical Description:

This technical description describes the process of how cancer metastasizes throughout the human body. As a an aspiring technical professional it is important to develop my skills to define or describe a technical object, concept, or process to someone who has little to no knowledge or experience with the subject.  Therefore, this project was beneficial because it allowed me to cultivate these skills.   I choose to write about the process of cancer metastasis as it has been a research interest of mine throughout my undergraduate career and is a process I am familiar with.

Instruction Set:

Instruction sets are prevalent technical documents for many disciplines and occupations.  Many times employees need to read instruction sets to learn how to complete a procedure or create a set of instructions to teach customers how to use a product.  This project allowed students to develop a set of instructions advising users how to preform a specific task.  I choose to write my instruction set on “How to Make a Homemade Paleolithic Cauliflower Pizza.”  During this project, I was not only able to develop my technical writing skills but was able to incorporate my interests in natural health and living.

Persuasive Speech:

This was our final speech and we were to motivate the audience members to take a specific action that will assist in solving a problem.  I choose sustainable farming because of my interests in natural health and living.  I encouraged the audience to support sustainable farming because it can benefit their health, the environment, and local communities.  Below is a recording of me presenting my speech and the script of my speech.


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