Full Course Listing

Below is the complete listing of courses that I have taken as a Penn State student! Click on any of the links to see the University Bulletin description for each one.

Biology Core Coursework

Chem 110/ Chemical Principles I

Chem 111/ Experimental Chemistry I

Chem 112/ Chemical Principles II

Chem 113/ Experimental II

Math 140B/ Calculus and Biology I

Math 141B/ Calculus and Biology II

Physics 250/ Introductory Physics I

Physics 251/ Introductory Physics II

BIOL 110H/ Honors Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

BIOL 240M/ Honors Biology: Function and Development of Organisms

BIOL 230M/ Honors Biology: Molecules and Cells

BIOL 220M/ Honors Biology: Populations and Communities

BMB 496/ Independent Studies

Vertebrate Physiology Option Coursework

BIOL 427/ Evolution

BIOL 472/ Mammalian Physiology

BIOL 473/ Laboratory in Mammalian Physiology

STAT 200/ Elementary Statsitics

Chem 210/ Organic Chemistry I

Chem 212/ Organic Chemistry II

Chem 213/ Laboratory in Organic Chemistry

BMB 401/ General Biochemistry I

BMB 402/ General Biochemistry II

General Coursework

LA 101H/ Honors Rhetoric and Civic Life

ENGL 202C/ Effective Writing: Technical Writing

INART005/ Performing Arts

CMLIT143/ Human Rights and World Literature

KINES077/ Yoga I

RHS 100/ Introduction to Disability Culture

BBH 101/ Introduction to Biobehavioral

BBH 301H/ Values and Ethics in Human Development Professions

RLST 131/ Introduction to Bioethics

LA 498H/ Honors College Orientation Leadership