Scientific Writing

On this page, are samples of my scientific writing. As a biology and pre-med student, I have participated in Chemistry and Biology laboratories over the past year.  I have learned and developed many important skills like how to write successful lab reports and preform experiments.

Organic Chemistry  Lab Report:

Below is a formal final report that I wrote for organic chemistry lab.  This lab report details the green synthesis of fluorescein dye.  I used the techniques of melting point, infrared spectroscopy (IR), and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) to prove that I correctly synthesized fluorescein.  This assignment taught me how to interpret and present my results in a way that convinces others that my conclusions are correct.  Additionally, it helped me learn about important environmentally friendly chemistry techniques.

Mammalian Physiology Lab Reports:

This was a lab report that I wrote in my physiology lab based on an exercise physiology experiment that my class completed.  It details how exercise affects the body works in areas such as oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide consumption, blood pressure, and cardiac output.  This lab report also analyzes if our hypotheses for how the body would react to exercise are correct.  From this assignment, I learned first-hand that sometimes not everyone’s body reacts the same way to the same stimulus and that the body is very complex.

This lab report was written after I performed a live surgery with 3 group members on a rat in my Physiology Lab.  We performed a unilateral ovariectomy on rats and later autopsied them to compare how the removal of an endocrine organ affected other endocrine systems.



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