The purpose of this post is to reflect on English 202C and how it’s prepared me for the upcoming obstacles and challenges I will face in the working world. English 202C is a course that is meant to be applicable to many professions. I believe that it’s primary goal is to provide students the opportunity to think about the audience of their works and how to adjust accordingly to their readers’ needs. In this post, I’ll reflect specifically on how the course and its projects will be useful in my future profession as a physician.

Reflection on the Course:

Before I began this course, I was never entirely sure what technical writing was.  I had thought it mainly consisted of lab reports, papers with data tables, or providing captions for graphs or charts. Little did I know that it also included developing instruction manuals, designing web sites, or creating graphics, just to name a few. But no matter what type of document was developed two main points were always considered: audience and purpose. Through this course I have been able to keep myself focused on zoning in on my overall purpose throughout my writing process.

Before this class, staying focused and logically organized was always an issue for me while writing. Over the semester I continued to improve being attentive to who the audience of a technical document will be. Depending on the audience’s culture, background, age, etc. I learned the document needs to be catered to who the readers are. Making design choices, composing effective sentences, and writing in an ethical manner are also important aspects of the course that I developed over the semester.  Knowing when to bold a heading or change font size can alter the readability of a document drastically. Overall, ENGL 202C has greatly improved my writing abilities not only in this class but others that are centekxred around my major even more.

Reflection on the Projects:

Through the assignments that I wrote in my technical writing course, I was able to learn more about myself and some topics that I find interesting.  For example, my technical description essay required that I learn more how the human body works in relation to cancer metastasis.  The projects that I decided to include in this e-portfolio demonstrate that I am a competent writer and I enjoy topics that are related to medicine.  A skill that I gained during my technical writing course is an active regard for my reader when I write or explain a concept.  An important skill that I revisited was the importance of topic sentences and how to use them to guide my reader.  Based on these projects, I hope that a potential employer will believe that I can be a good communicator and pleasant to work with.

Reflection on my Career:

This course helped me to improve my writing skills, especially in the context of explaining concepts to others and keeping my audience in mind.  These skills are very important for a physician because physicians need to be able to communicate well to a diverse group of people in order to treat their patients well.  These skills are also very important for researchers because communicating research findings with others is an essential component of research, and writing a paper on one’s research is the most common way to communicate findings.  Writing a paper requires the writer to be able to both detail how something works and the steps to carry out an experiment.  These were both types of essays we covered specifically in class with our technical description/definition assignment and our instruction set assignment.

Reflection on the E-Portfolio:

In constructing this e-portfolio, I wanted to make sure that it was easy to navigate and that my reader could easily scan the text to figure out if this is the page or section he/she should be on or where he/she should click to learn more about a specific topic.  Therefore, I made my navigation tabs very specific so it reflects what kind of information is included on that page.  Additionally, my home page gives more specific information on what information each page contains.  An important concept from the course that I kept in mind is to remember my audience.  My primary audience is potential employers, so much of what I included on this e-portfolio was geared toward helping them understand the kind of person I am, my passion for medicine, and my accomplishments.  I hope by incorporating all of these items employers see both my technical skills and personality and see me as apart of their company.  For both potential employers and other visitors I also tried to make my e-portfolio interesting through the pictures and sample work that I included.